Groin / Hip Problems for 2 years

Hi, I wonder if anyone on this site can help.

Firstly, I play golf – not a great deal – but around 2 to 3 times per week in the summer and once a week at most in the winter.

About 2 and a half years ago, whilst playing a 36 hole competition, I started to get pain all along the top of my right thigh – from the centerer it spread down into my groin and also down the otherside along my outside hip – this got worse the more I walked and afterwards I couldn’t even bring my knees together without severe pain – 9 out of 10 for pain.

This subsided after 24 hours and went completely.

However it returned again the next time I played 2 rounds of golf, then over the years it came on quicker and quicker to the point where it would start hurting if I walked 1 mile.

I went to my GP who diagnosed a groin strain and said I should rest it – I also saw a Physio who diagnosed Tendonitis and said I should rest it.

So i did – for 4 months (although i have rested it before for 6 months it did nothing)

I am now at the end of my 4 months and decided to play golf again

The pain returned, only this time I also had pain in the buttocks, radiating down the back of my thigh – this was 2 weeks ago, and whilst the hip/groin pain has disappeared as usual – the other pain hasn’t. It hurts on rotating my hips and lifting my leg – walking sitting is fine.

I went back to my GP who recommended another physio – and this one seems to have no idea.

This is getting me down now, nobody seems to think there is a problem simply because it doesn’t hurt all the time.

Any help greatly appreciated on either problem (not sure if connected or not?)

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