Pain at top of leg/side of hips from running?

Hi folks
I’ve posted this same message in reply to the “hip flexor/groin” message string too but thought I’d start a new one as well.

I started running about a year ago and then did nothing over winter. Picked up again a few monhts ago and my groin muscles (right at the top of them where leg meets torso) were alway the thing that hurt at the end of the run. Then that subsided and i started getting pain on the ouside of my hips while running. That’s been bothering me for a few weeks now but thought it would be fine, so ran a 10k race at the weekend and had a really bad time as both of these areas got really sore.

Today (run was yesterday) they are both SO sore and having to lift legs out of car etc to ease pain.

I’m actually going for a sports massage tonight i think with the friend who does them but if he can’t help do you think it’s best to go to a GP first and get referred to a physiotherapist or just go to one at a sports centre/clinic?

Thanks for your help!


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