Groin/inner right hip pain

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I have been experiencing a discomfort in the above area since Feb of this year. I’ve been to the emergency rm 2x and have had a ultrasound and MRI, blood work – all to no resolution. It’s was suggested in the beginning that it was my sciatic nerve b/c of the symptoms then I was experiencing and now the possibility is structural/pulled muscle/nerve. I am meeting w/a GI doctor next. It seems to get worse when I do specific abdomen workouts – becomes tender, tugging in the area and the lower right side of my abdomen becomes somewhat swollen, as well as, my right leg. It seemed to all start shortly after I woke up in my sleep and stretched, & something incredible snapped in the same area, but I didn’t start experiencing anything for about a month later. Weird thing is that whatever is going on seems to be affecting my intestines. Almost like an obstruction. My very first thought was I had a hernia(sp?). I have full range of motion with no symptoms at the time of exercise. Only later do I feel the discomfort which seems to flare up at any given time. Any suggestions/help???



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    have either of you seen an orthopedic surgeon?
    have u had pelvic MRI?
    see if you can get to a hip OS and request an MRA to rule out a labral tear of the hip
    check out


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    I’m sorry I can’t help you but I beg of you – please tell me what the GI guy says and what progress you make ! I’ve been dealing with something so similar !

    Mine is on my right side – I’ve had hip bursitis too, SI joint pain, but the worst is the frontal, right side pain. I get some swelling too. My doc said it as my bowel but I don’t believe her. One, I don’t have much problem there (though I do have irritiable bowel syndrome, I’m just really careful what I eat). Two, when I do hip flexor stretches or similar stretches I feel a pull there and I think I have injured something there.

    Do you feel something in the sore area when you do a hip flexor stretch ? That’s the leg of the injured side behind you, hips tucked…try reaching that same arm up (injured side). Are things tight around your hip area there ? Lying down on your back, soles of the feet together on the floor, does this pull a bit on the area ?

    I watch this board alot because I can’t figure out what I’ve got – maybe an illiopsoas strain or tear that just keeps acting up ? I don’t live near any professionals. Again, please keep me posted.
    Thanks !


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