Hip pain (tronchanteric bursa)

I have had problems with tightness in ITB both sides in past. Now I have pain in hip which has steadily got worse. Having stopped running for 2 weeks and had massages and physio on ITB the pain in hip remains. Has anyone any experience of how long a hip bursa takes to go? Can feel very slight pain even with walking and hip generally feels very stiff when I try and do my ITB stretches. Also, I have London Marathon place. Until these last couple of weeks I was running 30 miles per week with 13 as my long run so I have good base but am I foolish to be thinking I can get in enough training to do marathon?

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    I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom but I’ve been dealing with trochantic bursitis off and on for a year. I am a step aerobic instructor and it just got worse and worse. I switched class formats (no step) and it has gotten a bit better but still flares up. If I stroll with my kids I’m ok, but if I go for a fast paced walk, it’s back.

    Yes, stretching helps alot – several times a day. Sitting in one place too long makes things worse. Anti-inflammatories will help if you can stomach them (I can’t). I even had a cortisone shot once but it didn’t seem to help much – probably because I didn’t cease my activity, just kept on plowing along.

    Sorry I can’t tell you I’ve cured it – hope someone else can help you.


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