How long can nerve/muscle damage take to repair?

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In a nutshell I suffered a whip lash type of injury whilst jogging. Had severe torticollis (twisting of neck) Muscle spaams and nerve damage.

I was told it could easily take 3-4 months to fully clear.

Well almost 7 months on it has not totally cleared. I’d say I am about 80% back to normal. Still stiff when turning to left and slight burn/ache back of skull where it meets the neck.

Can it take this long? Should I rest my neck as much as possible or keep trying to stretch, use it?

I thought it would have been all clear by now.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I rememer stretching and exercising my neck about 6 weeks ago…I felt like my neck was on fire for three days. This has gone now. It’s getting better slowly. Like you mention. I need to get the balance right between too much and too little stretching.

    Thank you


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    I tore a muscle in my back a few years ago, right beneath my left shoulder blade. It really took about a year to recover. I tried massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and finally healed with moderate weight lifting and alot of stretching (heat pad or workout to heat it and stretch). I would imagine the neck are is similar because you can’t not use your neck and excess tension or stress can easily lead to tightness in these areas. I really had to learn to relax. You have to find a balance between doing too much (and aggravating it) and not doing anything (which really lets things tighten up).

    When my PT set me up with the moderate weight lifting program it was agony. First because I used to be a regular big lifter and wasn’t aloud to lift heavy. Second because he told me – and he was right – that it would hurt worse before it got better. Lifting did tighten things a bit and I had to learn to stretch religiously but it did help alot. Devise a program the hits gently all the muscles around your injury (& balance the rest of your body) and find what stretches target the area. Be gentle as you likely have some scar tissue to deal with. I always thought of the scar tissue as sort of a scab and you need to keep warming & stretching the muscle to release the scab diminish it’s hold on the muscle.


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