Impact injury – glutes

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To make a long story very short, I fell from about 3′ while moving forward and landed only on my the right side of my bum (lack of a better term).

I can walk fine and have no syptoms I am aware of of any breaks.

The impact was high enough that I did not hit my tail bone.

Visible syptoms are:
-fist sized purple spot where my spine meets my bum. no direct impact or pain associated.
-some swelling where my spine meets my bum. no direct impact or pain associated.
-The area of swelling is warm to the touch and is fairly soft.

The right cheek (impact area):
-nots under skin.
-some aparent loss of sesation to touch.
-apparent muscle pain after sitting for a period of time, 1/2 hour.
-apparently muscle pain when walking up stairs or squatting down.

This has been going on for 4 days.

I have been taking 600mg of Ibuprofen daily and sleeping with the area iced.

I have had several injuries in my life and would typically consider this of minor concern if not for the small bit of swelling at the spine and seeming loss of sensation.

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    No pain down my leg.

    I am pretty much fine now. For a few weeks though I was in pretty rough shape.


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    You may have ruptured the periformis or bruised your sciatic nerve which runs under or through the periformis muscle in your Glut/bum
    any pain down your leg ??


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    I apologize for double posting.

    The loss of sensationcould be likened to the numbness one gets from sitting on a cold bench in the winter.


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