jones fracture

I just read a post on a lady with a Jones Fracture.
I have the same problem.
I fractured my bone on Sep 22, 2013.
I went for 3 weeks with no treatment.
I went to ortho and received a hard shoe to wear 4 weeks.
It has now been 11 weeks.
The xray showed no healing in the bone.
The dr. said the only fix is a screw, but this also comes with it’s own problems.
She said I would have to decide if I could live with the pain or surgery.
I guess I need to know if other people have to make this decision and how it turns out for them if they decide not to have the surgery.
The pain is bareable but I haven’t really exercised the way I want, and I am getting worried about that.
Please give advise! Also I have no insurance, isn’t that always the way.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You certainly have a dilemna. Jones fractures are notorious for delayed and non-unions. The typical treatment is the surgery. But if a patient is not a surgical candidate, then I can try a bone stimulator. This unfortunately is an expensive treatment. I am sorry I do not have a list of people who have untreated Jones fractures.


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