Knee pain that moves

About five years ago I hurt my knee after returning to running too quickly and had physio for a while. Since then I have kept active and had no problems with playing football, cycling, hiking or going to the gym but as soon as I try to start running again (more sensibly this time) it goes.

It begins as a minor irritation at the back of the knee after finishing a run, then it feels like there is a slight swelling under the knee cap. I have a feeling like the joint is loose and when I bend it repeatedly I get the following pattern: scrape, scrape….click then no more scraping. Finally it progresses to occasional pain at the top of the calf, especially if i try to pull my heel towards my buttocks when sat in the following position:

body /\
——- / \
——-/ \—foot

Has anyone got any ideas? I would really like to run again if possible because it has always been my favourite sport.

plodding away …….

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