Numbness from Plantar Wart?

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I have been receiving treatment for a deep rooted plantar wart. After multiple laser and strong acid treatments half of the wart has been removed. However, I have been getting numbness in the area(ball of foot) of the wart to the toe region when I run, usually after 25 minutes. I am scheduled next week for another laser treatment. Why I am getting this numbness?
I want to get back to competitive running hopefully soon.



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    I had to have my plantar wart surgically remove below my fourth toe/pad area and it left me with the same numbness. I have tried everything for relief and it has been years. Not getting any better if anything it is worse. I don’t know why this is happening? Maybe the wart is back or maybe nerve damage from surgery?
    P.s. Plantar warts do go deep. Has yours resolved?

    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    As a point of information, warts do not have deep roots. They are strictly epidemal. Due to the fact that the skin on the bottom of the foot is thick, the wart appears thicker. Why you have numbness is difficult for me to answer as I can not see where the wart is located. Surely your doctor can answer this.


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