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I have pain in front of my heel, very tender to pressure.
I have one leg shorter than the other, 1/2″, and for 30 years have had a lift on my shoes.
Since it’s difficult to put lifts on tennis shoes, I sometimes put padded heel inserts inside to approximate the lift, and have done this many times over the years.
For some reason this summer after walking through airports with my tennis shoe lifts, my heel started hurting with symptoms that match heel spurs.
I have a pair of orthotics, and have worn them now for 10 days with lace type shoes and no reuduction in pain.
Should I continue with the orthotics or try foam inserts or something else?


  1. I have heel spurs on my right heelshould i be walking for excerise and what kind of heel cups do you recommmend. is there a certain kind of shoe i should wear for walking

  2. If your podiatrist made the orthotics, then youshould go back and discuss this. It may be too soon for a complete resolution of the problem though.