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Kidner Procedure


My daughter has been having pain in her right foot because the tendon that runs over the accessory navicular bone has been inflamed for about 7 months now. We done the boot cast and the hard cast and our orthopedic doc now wants to do the Kidner Procedure. We are of course unsure about surgery for a 12-year-old, but she is still relying on one crutch to get around because of the pain.
Is there any option besides surgery that we haven’t yet tried?
Is surgery the right thing for her and will she recover without restrictions, as the doc has promised?


  1. I’m not a doctor, but I have had the Kidner Procedure done 2x on my left foot (bone grows back eventually) and am having the right foot done in 2 weeks. Prior to the first surgery, I spent almost 1 1/2 years on crutches while the orthopedic doctors tried to find the cause of my pain. My first surgery was at 18. I recovered well from it. I do recommend physical therapy afterwards. I didn’t have it the first time, but did the second. After the first time, I lost some mobility, but gained it back after PT the second time. I intend to do PT after my right foot surgery. A few things from my own experiences…1) You recover much faster when you are younger. My first surgery was at 18 and I was out and about in a few days. I was on crutches for 6-8 weeks, then slowly learned to walk again. I did bounce back quickly and my pain was gone. I was 36 for my second surgery. Recovery was definitely much slower and more tiring. Old age, I guess. I’m being smart with my third and planning a long, slow recovery.2) It’s critical your daughter doesn’t put ANY weight on the foot. You don’t want her to tear those tendons off. Almost scare her, if you have to, as the doctors did me. It made me realize the seriousness of what the doctor was telling me.3) I am not a doctor. I do know that the procedure is more common now than when I had my first procedure (21 years ago). Make sure you have a good surgeon who has done it before. The more, the better.4) Only you and your daughter can make the final decision of what to do. This is a serious procedure, but one from which I, personally, have benefited. There are always risks and you must weigh them. 5) If the surgery is in her dominant foot (ie. right foot for right-handed person), it is my understanding that the recovery will be slower. Ensure you are aware of that. I have been warned by my doctor that my recovery will be longer, as you do much more with your dominant leg. (Plus, my left leg is not as strong as most people’s leg, due to the previous surgeries.)6) Be careful if she plays sports. I was warned not to play them anymore. Discuss this with your doctor, as there have been advancements since my first surgery.Make the choice you feel is best for your daughter. Discuss it with her and make sure she knows the pros and cons of doing this. That way, she will always know it was her decision to do it. Good luck!

  2. The Kidner is definately a viable option in this case, depending on whether the pain is due to what you are saying and the diagnosis is correct. You should get a second opinion from a podiatric surgeon and/or make sure that your orthopedist was trained in foot and ankle procedures, as many of them are general orthos and not familiar with foot and ankle function. I performed a Kidner today on a 14 year old boy.

  3. The very good questions you are asking deserve an opinion from someone who can examine your daughter. Please ask your doctor for a copy of the x-rays and any other pertinent findings and get another opinion. Ask your family doctor or friends for a referral or call your local podiatric medical society. When you call the podiatrist’s office, ask if that doctor does this procedure. Good luck.