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Lower Back Arch


I know that your lower back should arch and little when laying down. Well I think I know heh. But my problem is that when I am laying down flat on my back, my lower back seems to arch a good almost three maybe almost 4 inches off the ground. I was wondering if this could be the cause of my back problems that I’ve had for a while. I’m only Nineteen and just notice this when my girlfriend pointed it out that my lower back arches up pretty high. It sometimes hurts a lot or hurts a little. But right now I can’t even touch or sit back in my chair it hurts so much. Should I sleep with something under my lower back?


  1. Situps, leg raises…oblique twists….You need a stronger core. a.k.a stronger stomach muscles to pull you back straight. Try flexing your stomach…see how it eliminates the back arch?