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MCL Strenghtening


I am 23 years old and have reinjured my MCL that I severly straigned 5 years ago. The first time the kneee injury only required an immoblilization brace for a month. I required no serious physical therapy, and was shown just one or two means of strenghtening my knee. A month and half ago, I was fixing a roof, jumped of and damaged my pretty bad.
I am college student and did not have insurance to go to a doctor to get it fixed, so I bought an immobilization brace and semi flexible brace for walking. Over the last month things have gotten better, but I have not healed as quickly as I did with my first injury.
What types of excercise are there that can strengthen my knee, and reduce scar tissue?Thanks,Andre

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  1. http I just hurt my MCL a few weeks ago and this ite was posted on this board. I also have no health care so I cannot afford PT. Good luck!