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Spiral fracture of Fibula


On 12/12/03 I dual spiral fracured my fibula-3 months later and I just saw the dr. and fracture is still there-“not much change”–Is this normal or is there any thing I can do to help speed up this recovery. Still on crutches.


  1. I have a fractured fibula and have been in a hard cast for 4 weeks and was told 3 more weeks to go. Does anyone have any good advice for how to heal sooner or let me know how long bone took to heal and how long was your cast on? Thanks!

  2. Hi Cari,i did the same thing to my fibula playing hockey (broke horizontally). The two pieces of the bone were 1/2cm apart yet they didn’t do any setting, etc. Put me in a cast. 7 weeks later, I am still hearing the same “not much change”.. what did they tell you? Initially, they told me that I could weight bear right away, then after 4 weeks, they said no weight bear for 3 weeks (which I followed), yet no change… any update on your side? This is very frustrating. Note, It doesn’t hurt at all, just not very mobile.

    • Sounds like what I have. Four weeks in a cast; then, if all looks ok on the x-ray, two weeks in a short boot, weight-bearing. Then, if all goes well, six weeks in an ankle brace. I don’t have much pain and was relieved to be spared surgery. The doctor recommends p.t. after the boot is off.

  3. Hey…I had a spiral fracture Dec 11, I went over on my ankle. I thought I had just strained my ankle badly and walked on it the next day. I finally went to the hospital and they told me I had a spiral fracture of the fibula near the ankle. The sent me home with a splint and told me to come back in 2 days after some of the swelling went down to get a cast. It hurts like heck. They sent me home without any pain killers and extra strength tylenol is a joke. I am told that I will have to wear my cast for 6 weeks. It has only been a week and I am already going crazy. To say the least they did not tell me what I should or shouldn’t be doing. So now I am sure I will not be weight bearing for a while reading some the other poor sods that have done what I have done. I want it to heal. Good luck…bummer at christmas…happppy holidays. D

  4. I too have a double spiral fracture of the distal fibula (Weber B?) I was non-weight bearing for 4 weeks, and weight bearing for the last 2 weeks. I just had my cast removed, and have a great deal of pain on both sides of my ankle, as well as my achilles area. The MD wants to start me in P.T. yet I still have a lot of pain and swelling.I did not have surgery. Is that normal for this type of fracture? He says that my fracture is healing well, and did not ‘move’. Just wondering if I am doing the right treatment!Thanks!

  5. Wow … this is like Deja VU …. I also have a spiral fracture of the fibula …. I am 8 weeks into it … My Doc led me to believe that I could bear full weight after about 4 weeks …. then he was away at 4 weeks so I saw another doc in the office … he said that 8 weeks is average for weight bearing … So now my doc is back and he says that I can start putting progressive weight on the leg over the next 2 weeks with full weight bearing at that time … but … I still have to wear this huge moon boot and even when full weight bearing … I still have to wear the “Moon Boot” for another 2 weeks … So how did 4 weeks stretch into 12 weeks … I am 48 years old but in really good health …