cant walk and on holiday!

I have had a recent bike accident in Bolivia, where I rolled down a cliff. My foot has been swollen for 4 weeks but nothing is fractured- I’ve had 2 xrays. 2 weeks ago a traumatologist suggested putting on a hard cast. At this time I had dark bruising on the medial arch near the ankle end of the foot and it was very painful to put pressure on the toe or heel. I am on crutches and want to know if it is best not to put any pressure on foot or if it is wise to start using toe for walking to help muscle strength (and combat atrophy).
I am desperate for this to heal as quickly as possible as I have not been able to walk for 4.5 weeks now. Any advise would be appreciated (especially from one who speaks english). And most commonly, with the little info I have given can you give me a ball park figure on when it will be better. THankyou for your time.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am sorry this has happened to you. X rays do not show soft tissue damage which can be as painful as a fracture. An MRI can be better at showing soft tissue damage. When in doubt, immobilize. It is true there will be atrophy but if there is ligament or tendon damage, it is best to stop motion so things can try to heal. If no improvement is noted after about 6 weeks, then I recommend an MRI for further information. Unfortunately, I can’t se your foot or examine it, so I can’t really be more specific. I am not at all familiar with the medical system in Bolivia so again, I am sorry. Good luck.


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