Cross Friction – Medial Ligament.

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At what point after an injury is it safe to start cross friction?

I have just (this morning) reinjured my medial ligament in my knee. Did it originaly 2 1/2 years ago. (This time is not as bad as the first)
I have an important grading a week tomorrow and am hoping it will be strong enough to still do it. I am icing it, but would like to know when it is safe to start some friction? I know I shouldn’t do it now as the injury is too new! Would 24 or may be 48 hours be long enough to wait? I need to do all I can! I have been preparing for this for a year and a half now!!!

Thanks for any advise,

P.S. I have been instructed on many occasions to do self friction, so I know how to do it, just not sure on when it’s safe to start!

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    Thanks Steve I didn’t know that! I shall bear that in mind. Luckily I haven’t been doing that!

    Just for ref, I did my grading and my knee was fine. I am not sure how, as I can feel it a little in training. I suppose 1. The nurofen I took helped (although that would have worn off by half way through it, and I didn’t need to take any more as it was coping fine) and 2. Probably adrenalin, were both contributing facters.

    I don’t think it was a bad injury, it’s just frustrating as it’s an old injury (nearly 3 years now), and obviously shows how weak it is, and that it could happen at any time again!



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    Good luck with your MCL injury. One point , when performing frictions it is important not to apply this technique to the attachments, as this will cause calcification of the tendon.


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    Thank you very much for your reply.

    I saw my Chiro today who was very helpful, but I am a little concerned as he said that it was only a mild sprain, and although it won’t be 100% for my grading, that it should be ok to do it.

    He did all the usual MCL tests and they didn’t really cause it that much discomfort. He also said that my ACL and meniscus are uninjured. But he didn’t stress it in a twisty movement when testing it! It’s that, that causes me a severe sharp pain.

    Has he missed it? Or by doing the sidways movement testing, has he gained enough knowlege with out having to twist it?

    I am very concerned in case he is wrong.

    Would twisting my foot outwards cause pain in a MCL injury when mild sidways stress hardly does a thing?



    P.S. He has told me massage the area gently, kinda like a mild friction!


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    Hi Sarah_g91,

    In my opinion, in general….an injured medial ligament should be left for at least two days before frictioning it. More severe injuries may require longer.

    Rehabilitation guidelines are here:

    If you are worried about the knee for a grading then there is an excellent taping technique which will support and protect the knee. Let me know if you want me to send details as it is not yet live on site.


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