knee dislocation

My daghter has dislocated her knee twice now.
The MRI showed only slight tearing but they would still like to do surgery.
My question is does this help prevent futher dislocations? Also, they say she is more prone to disloactions because she has flat knee caps and shallow knee sockets so will tightening the ligaments help. And also, if we decide not to do the surgery what is the best brace? What can she do with physical therapy that would strenghten her knee to prevent dislocation? Should she even be playing sports with this problem? She is very active in sports-soccer(which is the sport we have the most trouble with), basketball and tennis.
Thank you for your time and advice.Camille

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    Are you sure the doctor didn’t say dislocation of the patella(knee cap). With lateral tracking of the patella where sometimes the patella pops out of place to the outside of the knee exercises to build up the quads can help and a support like the Genutrain or BioSkin Q brace can help. Ask your dr. for a recommendation of what can help.


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