Protruding disc

I am 40 and have been told by my Doctor that I have a protruding disc. (Between L4&L5 I think). I compete in road races and also compete in Kickboxing competitions.( I train everyday) . Whilst I am not immobile I have stopped (unable) to do any trianing for the last three weeks,first symptons about 10 weeks ago) Currently going to a chiropractor and seem to be making progress. Can anybody answer the following questions.

1) When am I likely to be able to train again.

2) Is it save to swim and use a stationery bike at the moment.

3) When I do return to full training ,is the injury likely to return.

4) If I get an operation ,am I likely to have problems when I return to full training.

Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated


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    I know the disc issue all too well. 18 months ago I herniated c6-7. Ruined my tricep for a good 7 months. Just starting to realistically regain real strength. I train everyday submission and MMA. Time to recover? I worked myself slowly back into training about 6 weeks after the initial blow up. Being very careful with training partners and diligent with rehab I was respectable after about 3 months. The nerve damage is still lingering though, and I am giving myself a good 2 years total before my tricep will be 100percent. Lumbar disc? The sciatic nerve damage is what you are probably dealing with. This will dramatically affect your kicking power and timing on your kicks. The nerve just refuses to fire and subsequently the muscles are not getting the message. You will recover. Keep training, be smart and conservative for a while. Build yourself up slowly and eventually you will be 100 percent.


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