Shoulder Injury

My son injured his shoulder when he dove head first into third base and the third baseman accidentally drove his knee into the back on my son’s left shoulder.
His arm was extended.
My son said it felt as though the shoulder dislocated and popped back into place.
He was in a lot of pain. Xrays at the hospital showed the shoulder was back in place, so a reduction was unnecessary.
The MD said, because the shoulder was back in place without a reduction, this was not a dislocation.
The MD said it was something less, I think he called it a partial subluxation.
If it had been dislocated, the MD said he would have recommended surgery. But because it was not dislocated, he said my son should not need surgery.
What do you think? My son is 16 years old.
I am concerned he will have an unstable shoulder without surgery.

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    Unfortunately he will probable have an unstable shoulder until surgery is performed. I dislocated my shoulder 3 times prior to having a surgery and upon completion of surgery the doctor indicated to me that there was nothing to repair other then the cartilage “rim” called the labrum. He said there was a partial tear in the rotator cuff but nothing bad enough to try and fix. . . may have made it worse! Anyway, I have not had too many problems since the surgery, over a year ago, and am in the process of trying to locate a good brace/support that can help me maintain my current hobbies (skiing, mtn biking, climbing, etc) If you have done some research in this area I would appreciate hearing about it.Sorry to tell you that you son will have problems, but the reality is if he has done it once, he’ll do it again. . . I did. The only way to prevent future injury is to take it easy and provide support until he has grown a little older and some of the tendons and muscles around the shoulder have tightened up on their own. Hope this helps!


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