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My very, very skinny ankles!


Hello, how are you?I was wondering if you could help me out…ok here goes:I am about 5ft2 tall which is kinda small for a 18 year old girl! However, I have a lot of “curves” let’s say! lol (I’m not overweight, i’m a normal weight, but i’m talking about my chest!!) Nyhoo, all my life i never wanted to wear shorts or skirts, because my ankles are so tiny i can put my fingers around them!(if i was to take a picture of my ankles, you’d think they were an 8 year old girl’s ankles!) I would say i have normal thighs, maybe a bit thick, and my very very skinny ankles make my legs look like chicken drumstick! Once i took the courage to wear shorts to college, and my friend said to me “Oh My Gosh you have very skinny ankles!” which made me more conscious of myself!I remember once in High School, when changing into my PE kit, another one of my friend laughed and said ” what happened to your ankles?” I also went to holidays, and wore shorts, but when i saw pictures it made me even more conscious, and now i REFUSE to wear shorts or skirts!Sometimes my sisters even tell me my ankles are too skinny compared to my body! Can you please PLEASE tell me how comes they are like that, and what can i do to make them thicker and in shape with my body (which i still really like!lol) I know this is a long message, but please help me!!!


  1. Hello,hmmm honestly there is no answer to get thicker ankles, i have somewhat skinny ankles to but the one way which i believe works the best is do alot of calves work out such as taking some what and pushing upward and the goal to stand on your tippy toes. if you do alot of incline walking that wont really help, it might help somewhat but also there is a huge possibility of getting your calves and thighs skinny. Skinny but getting really toned. I noticed when i do the calve work outs, my ankles get somewhat bigger and i add protein shakes after each work out to add some mass. Im not no expert but ive been working on these for quiet some time and they help alot. I hope this helps you.

  2. I have very skinny ankles too and can fit my fingers around them. I used to get beaten up and spat on at school because of them. All the girls wear skirts to work but I can’t I have to wear trousers. I once sat down and a guy noticed my ankles, laughed and told me to eat something. I am a size 12. My mum has skinny ankles too – it is genetic. I don’t have an eating problem. I was told to stand on a step and lower and raise my heels. Have not tried this yet but will keep you posted if it works 🙂

  3. Hi everyone, I would like you all to know that I have the same problem with my ankles. I’m 5ft 124lb well dat weight was after the kids but anyway I have skinny ankles and there is really nothing that we can do to make them thicker. when I was pregnant they got swollen but that was just water weight that went away after given birth. Every women’s body is shaped different, be happy you have ankles cause I thought about it…there are people out there with no legs. Try to wear clothing that flatters your legs n body and PLEASE don’t worry about what others say about you… fat, skinny, short, tall people will always have something to say. Be thankful for what you have ladies. Take care all.

  4. I have the exact same problem! im now 20 and i refuse to wear capris or any shorts that hit mid length around my knees. When i wear short shorts or something extra short it almost looks more in balance because my thighs are bigger so it takes the focus off my ankles i feel. But yes i can also wrap my fingers around my ankle and have space left over! I HATE IT! i want to know if there are exercises that i can do to get muscle there? People say its such a blessing to be naturally thin but honestly id do anything to have normal non chicken legs. i hate taking pictures in shorts i look so odd! i hear pregnancy is the only way to combat skinny ankles. but i am not willing to give birth in order to gain some fat around my ankles. haha. help!

  5. im in the same boat i refuse to wear shorts or skirts i hate showing my legs because of my ankles its horrible i wish i looked normal i would love to wear little skirts.

  6. Just wanted to add about my calves, you can imagine how bad they are! if my ankles are very skinny my calves are as thin as a toothpick, i want to do something about them too, what can i do?? please anyone? thanx!if i want to wear heels, it feels like they’re gona break! plz help, what to do to make them bigger?