Childs muscle condition advice?

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A friend of mine has an 11 yr old boy who has recently been told by a physiotherapist that his body is growing too fast for his muscles, and that he has to cut his sport down to a couple of times a week for the next few years or even until he stops growing! He’s a very sporty lad and this is obviously very concerning for him. Apparently he has to see a Podiatrist too as there is some issue with the tendons in his foot. I’m not sure there was an exact name given of his muscle shortning condition, see i’m wondering whether or not he just has very tight muscles and needs to concentrate on flexibility training for a while?
Anyone any ideas please?, the prospect of not doing much sport for the next few years is so painfull to him!



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    Activity modification is part of the management of a child sufering symptoms of growth related injuries.

    Your physio was right in saying that at this stage his bones are growing faster than his muscles, there is a heavy strain placed upon the joins between the muscles and bones.

    Injuries such as ”sever’s” or ”osgood-schlatters” result from this strain, with tendernes and even a boney lump appearing on the heel at the attachment site of the achilles tendon (severs) or at the tibial tuberosity just below the knee at the attchment of the patella tendon(osgoods).

    This difficult period can last anywhere between 6-12months or more. The key is to manage the condition so that he gets good recovery from the exercise he does, improves his flexibility, corrects biomechanical deficienies (orthotics) and he will absolutely fine, alot of young athletes go through this. Patients and understanding from the parents is important.


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    Could the name of this problem be called Servers Syndrome?


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    I’ve trained myself and others for years and I’ve never heard this. Maybe flexability training, such as in gymnastics, would be helpful.


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