Reptured achillies

i picked up a partical rupture of my right achillies in March whilst on my Work experiacnce placement at a school, i was coaching rugby and my studs got stuck in the ground when i went to tackle somone. i was taken by abulance to my local A&E unit and i was told i had a partical rupture of the achillies and i was to stay on crutches for a week then start getting back into my rugby again. Even thought it was to painful too really put any weight through my right foot i stayed on crutches for the proscribed week, then tried to play a round of golf whilst on holiday in Florida with my dad, i couldnt even steady myself on the 1st Tee so obviously i gave up and sat in the buggy for the remander of the round.
by the time i re-turned to the UK 2 weeks later i was at the point were i could not even stand. but as a sports student i had to try and get back in to sport again. and i decided very stupidly to “get back into sport” by playing squash and pretty much as soon as i got on the court i went to place my foot flat on the floor and my achillies completly ruptured i was in so much pain i was taken to A&E again and they placed it in plaster with my toes pointed for 3 weeks then 2 weeks ago they took that plaster off and placed my foot flat then re-plastered it again. i am confussed as everything i have read says that it should take months for it to heal so why are they just leaving it in plaster for just over a month?? is this going to mean i am at higher risk of doing this injury again?? and is there anything i can do to lessen the risk?? how long will my rehab take. as i am a sports student and i am going to uni to do a degree in sports so i cant afford for this to happen again. should i be requesting that they operate to heal it instead of leaving it in plaster? i will be greatful of any help i can get’

cheers guys

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