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Sarco illac Torsion & 6 lumbar vertebrae


Hi, im 18 yrs old. I have had lower back pain for years, especially painfull when walking more than 20-30mins. I went to see my GP who didn’t have a clue what was wrong with me and sent me home. So my mother suggested i try seeing an Osteopath- who diagnosed me with Sarco-illac torsion (pelvic bone slipping out of place). This has happened many times over the past few months and i’ve been back to the osteopath regulary & received manipulation treatment to correct the bone. Recently it’s been more muscular aches rather than the pelvis moving. Not long ago my osteopath suggested i have an MRI Scan as my pelvis was slipping nearly every week! The Scan showed that i have 6 lumbar vertebrae. I have had to reduce my hrs at work to part time as i cannot cope with sitting at a desk for more than 3 hrs MAXIMUM, before i am in total agony. The pain comes and goes but is always slightly there. I have tried asking the doc/GP to refer me to a spesensoredt -but the doc doesn’t seem to understand at all and maked out that he didn’t believe me !Please help. Is there anyone i could see e.g. A Chiropractor? Or should i demand for doc to refer me? Thanks.

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