ACL Replacement and Scar Tissue

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I’m 43 and had an ACL replacement and menisectomy surgery in my left knee almost 4 months ago (Oct. 2007). On my last doctor’s checkup the doctor indicated that he wanted me to continue therapy for a little while longer as a “safe guard”, though he was very please with my progress/healing. But, earlier that day at Physical Therapy, I told them that that day would be my last day there, that I would continue my therapy on my own at the gym.Now a thought and question has ocurred to me that may be my own thinking, but I need confirmation for a professional.
Since my mother had knee replacement surgery almost 2 years ago, she still complains about swelling in her knee. I don’t know if she “thinks” it’s because of scar tissue build up or if her doctor told her this, but my concern is that if possible scar tissue build up can cause swelling, then has my cessation of P.T. (with it’s ultrasound treatments) at about 3 1/2 months post surgery going to cause scar tissue to start building up in my knee that has had an ACL replacement and menisectomy?? Thank you for any help you can provide!

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    Ok so I’m a gymnast and I had a acl replacement in my right knee about two years ago and it still bothers me. my range of motion is ok but it “pops” when I extend it I can’t walk more than 10 to 15 minutes without it hurting and I have bumps around my partell tenden someone told me that it might be scar tissue. is that a bad thing? can I still be a gymnast? what can you do for scar tissue if thats what it is? should I go back to my Doctor?


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      I had surgery dec,9,2008.Surgon gave me wrong info he said don’t bend for 5 weeks but he lied and said one week,i go to therapy 4 times aweek. I started bending jan,15,2019 and progress is real slow only at 70 degrese and 15 degrese shy.still walk funny can the scare tisse be broken up will was it to long of not bending pls help me.


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