horrible pain after shot of Depo-Medrol

Yesterday I went to my ortho. surgeon about my tendon pain. I had done an mri, worn a boot, etc. and he said there was some questionable places in my tendon so he reccommended I get a shot of Depo, Xylocaine, and marcaine.
One of those is a topical analgesic, not sure which one.
After I got the shot I felt great.
Was able to move my ankle, no problem.
After a few hours, it began to hurt and now I can’t move my foot or toes at all without severe pain.
Is this supposed to happen or could he possibly have hit a nerve or tendon?
They told me to put ice on it.
That didn’t help at all.
Any comments would be appreciated.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am sorry you have this pain. In the few times I have used Depo Medrol, I have found this to be a more common occurence than when I used Celestone Soluspan. We call this a steroid flare. Usually it will subside in a day or 2, but understandably it will hurt a great deal for a while. Ice or heat, whichever seems better. Whatever you take for a headache might help. If it doesn’t call your doctor and ask for help.
    Good luck.


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